An Unfortunate Side Effect of the Daily Grind

Long time no talk. And I suppose that since “Living Our Dream” reverted back to the daily grind about a year ago now, it’s pretty safe to say this blog is now defunct.

But maybe I’ll squeeze in another post or two.

It’s been a tough decision (maybe we were in denial for the better part of the summer), but we’re going to be selling Water Music.

Between work, the family cottage, other peoples’ cottages, music festivals and road trips we’ve been out on the boat ONE time this entire summer. One time.

She carried us safely and comfortably all the way from Kingston, Ontario to the British Virgin Islands (and back again!), but Water Music is too cool a boat to sit around unused in her slip. So, sad for us though it may be, it’s time to find her new, more attentive owners.

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Stuck in Saint-Ours

There was a nasty storm yesterday afternoon that’s knocked out the power at our last lock in the Richelieu River.

We had arrived yesterday with about 45 minutes to spare before the lock closed for the night only to find it already shut down from the power outage. So here we still sit, hoping for the lock to re-open sometime today.

It’s funny, ’cause yesterday morning we were talking about how nice it would be to have a rest – the kind where you can just flop out on the couch and read a book all day without the pressure of constantly being on the move or of seeing the sights in a town you may not revisit in the foreseeable future.

We got what we asked for, I guess. We were both flopped out reading for the better part of the morning, but now we’re bored and ready to get moving again.

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