Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day y’all!


We decided to take the best of the worst weather windows we had in front of us and pushed all the way to NY. We arrived at the West 79th Street Boat Basin mid afternoon and got a mooring ball ($30/night – much better then our last visit).

We’ll be visiting Wade ‘n Kim for a few days then head for home via the Hudson & Champlain Canal…

Catch up some more later…we’re walking dead after the overnighter.

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Back in the USA

We made it to Beaufort, North Carolina with half a day to spare (it took us three and a half days, total).

Back In the USA!
Back In the USA!

We opted for a marina for shelter from what’s supposed to be a very nasty storm tonight (some sources are forecasting 65 knot winds!).

We’ve been cleared in by US Customs & Immigration, cleaned up the boat and cleaned up ourselves. We both have that tired-bug-eyed-sleep-deprived feeling, so we’re going to take a nap, then go find something very American to eat for supper.

We’ll catch up tomorrow…’til then.

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A Long Goodbye

We were hoping to have left The Bahamas for the US by now, but the weather isn’t co-operating.

Our plan is to leave from our current location in in The Abacos and head straight for North Carolina (probably the Cape Fear/Beaufort area), which will be at least a four day trip for us, but the forecast for the last week or so has been for not enough wind, and then too much.

In the meantime, we’re enjoying our long goodbye to The Bahamas toodling around the beautiful Sea of Abaco.

A window may open up by Sunday the 9th…we’ll keep you posted.

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