Robidoux Heating & Air Conditioning Back Open for Business August 12th!

Phill’s just about ready to switch out his flip-flops for his work boots.

Back on the road August 12th, 2013
Back on the road August 12th, 2013

He’ll be back in the truck on Monday, August 12th. Thanks to everyone who saved up their HVAC work this summer so he can hit the ground running.

I’ll be back in my cubicle the next day, August 13th, but I’m not quite ready to part with my flip-flops.

We still have a few stories from the trip to post (The Big Puerto Rico Post is a draft!), and I was hoping to relay a few highlights of our reintegration into society (I almost threw a table scrap over my shoulder in our friend’s fabulous dining room).

Until we get around to posting them…

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