Brewerton, New York

We’re at the Dunkin’ Donuts in Brewerton, New York. Can’t beat the iced tea and free WiFi.

The weather isn’t the best for crossing Oneida Lake, but it looks like it’ll be worse on Tuesday and Wednesday, so we’re going to cross today.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday…

Pheonix, New York
Pheonix, New York
Entering the Erie Canal
Entering the Erie Canal
Passed a Few Camp Fires
Passed a Few Camp Fires
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18 Responses to Brewerton, New York

  1. says:

    Look at you guys… You said you were going sailing and you opted to fly instead! :)

  2. Da says:

    Glad you figured out the GPS thing. We can see that you’re almost across Oneida Lake. Good to know after you said the weather wasn’t the greatest for the journey. This vicarious travelling is kind of fun. Are we there yet?

  3. Paul says:

    Hey Guys,

    Glad to see you are on your way and doing so well. I am checking in often and really like looking at the GPS tracker, great idea.


    • Maryl says:

      Hi Paul. The tracker (SPOT Messenger) makes it really easy for us to let everyone know where we are. All we do have to do is turn the thing on and click the “Ok” button every now and then. So unless we forget to do it, or our batteries die, we should be able to check in every few hours the entire trip. Thanks for visiting the blog! Hi to Jen & the kids…

  4. Susie says:

    Happy to see you’re on your way, wishing you nothing but sunny skies and the odd “stow away” to keep you company. Stay safe.
    ps. You have to name them if you’re going to show us pictures!

  5. Jacquie and Peter MacKinnon says:

    Congratulations, Maryl and Phil! Glad you made it safely! Did you actually anchor at Main Duck? We hope not, in that easterly. We were in Wemps Bay (west end of Amherst Island) when you left, and tried to raise you 15 miles away at the Ducks.

    All the very best through the Canal!

    Jacquie and Peter

    • Maryl says:

      Thanks for trying to hail us. We didn’t hear a peep from the VHF all day (I suppose because our antenna isn’t where it should be with the mast down). And thank you for welcoming us to Collins Bay Marina – we felt right at home after meeting you that day in the park. So far the canal has been great…it’s really beautiful. We’re particularly enjoying the Mohawk Valley; lots of pretty towns nestled in the hills…

  6. Kally says:

    So glad you are underway..sorry I didn’t see you again before you left.
    I love the blog I look forward to reading about all your adventures! Much love to you both

    • Maryl says:

      Hi Kal! Thanks for the well-wishes..sorry we weren’t able to see you again before we left (it got a little crazy the last week, but we managed to get most of the boat jobs done). Hi to Jason & the Girls!

  7. Carl, Bev, Theo and Vanessa says:

    The GPS tracker is great! We have shown the kids a few times the route and how much you covered so far and they love it. It is almost like being there… maybe in the new year :) Safe travels and we will be watching for more great pictures along the way.

    • Maryl says:

      Thanks B’ys! We try to check-in using the GPS tracker every few hours. It is kinda neat to see how far we’ve come plotted on a map. We’ll try to keep it up as we get further along.

  8. The Hamiltons says:

    Hey Guys,
    So glad to hear you are on your way and that you have been safe so far!! We miss you tonnes already!! Sorry we missed your call. We are enjoying the Blog and are looking forward to Skyping real soon.
    Love The Hamiltons
    p.s. the Mac ROCKS!

    • Maryl says:

      Hi Pat, Scott, Callum & Marlee,

      We miss you too! Callum, we saw a bald eagle yesterday…it flew right past our boat. We couldn’t get the camera quickly enough to take a picture, though. We’ve also seen lots of cranes and cormorants, and of course, seagulls on the lake. That’s it, really, for notable wild life. A guy at the farmer’s market yesterday had a little dog that sat on his shoulder (I thought it was a monkey when I first saw it).

      Bye for now. We’ll check in at the next stop with WiFi….

  9. Pauline says:

    Wow my first time to read about your Departure!! I’m so happy for you both and the pic of the two of you brought me happy tears :-) Please watch our for “Leslie” I hope she changes her mind about her path…she is a woman afterall! Stay Safe xoxo

    • Maryl says:

      Hi Pauline – thanks for the hurricane Leslie warning. We didn’t even know one was brewing out there. We’ll pay more attention 😉

  10. Ela & Andrew says:

    Hi Guys,

    It was great to see you just before you’ve left. We were thinking of you, while driving by Kingston the following weekend. Glad you made it safely through Lake Ontario and Oneida.
    We will be following your blog and the GPS tracker.

    Fair winds

    • Maryl says:

      Thanks again for visiting us, and for the smoked meat. It might not to last us to the Caribbean…we’re already into the second package!

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